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Cultural innovation

Marmori [marble] is a company that uses cultural innovation to give value to our customers. Most have an idea of what business model and technological innovation are, cultural innovation is the rest.

With the help of cultural innovation one can discover novel opportunities, totally new product segments and even turbocharge existing products.

Triumph a better ideology and the world will take notice as well.

- Douglas Holt

What do we do?

The methods and workshops adjust to specific needs, but the basic structure is the same. We produce value through cultural innovation.

Here are four useful outcomes our methods can be used to achieve. Click to read more.

Meaningful Growth

Growth strategies

You have the answer, but do you know the question?

To achieve growth, organisations need to stay relevant and in a reciprocal relationship with it's surrounding world. Meaningful growth is based on a deeper understanding of the organisations future mission, that is not dictated by the current market trends.

There are many paths for growth, some of them more beaten than others. Growth can be achieved by new tech innovations, novel business models or by innovative cultural interpretations. Cultural innovation offers unique opportunities to take giant leaps in your growth, and gain loyal followers for your cause. We help organisations define their growth strategy that is based on current cultural and societal developments and possible futures. Cultural innovation can help you to fully leverage your great product or service, by finding the question to your solution.

We will help you see the market in new, novel ways and show you that there’s more than meets the eye.

Ways of meaningful growth:

  • Let’s figure out the problem for your solution and find some blue oceans to surf
  • Delve deep into your new target audience, and discover the underlying cultural transformations and changes currently in progress
  • Unravel the yet to be discovered possibilities, and tap your solution to emerging cultural disruption
  • Be the leader of your cause, and the champion of your mission

Honest Branding

Brands that matter

Branding has a keen relationship with cultural innovation due to the very nature of branding. Good brands should be honest and convey values that are rooted in day to day discourse and emerging cultural disruptions. Brands transform with the world around them as well as act as an accelerator for cultural change. When a brand doesn’t feel tangible, the case may be they are not connected to their cultural surroundings.

For the consumer a company’s brand acts as an ethical mirror. It displays what the organisation stands for as well as is used to self-reflect and define the consumer’s own identity. We, at Marmori, delve deep in to the brands core to find the most relevant cultural disruptions to attach to.

We see branding as a constant revolution, where the ones who manage to understand, adapt, and define cultural change, rise on top. Here cultural insights are necessary, and these are what we are after. Our diverse team seeks to find relevant cultural insights to each organisation to create brands that matter.


  • Delve to the core to find the building blocks of the brand
  • Explore the brands cultural surroundings and look for emerging change
  • Connect relevant cultural insights to the brands core
  • Transform the brand accordingly to create honest brands that matter

Cultural Strategy

Benefit from disruptions

Organisations have a lot of political power and influence on society while customers, employers, and employees mirror their values against organisations. By associating themselves with the organisation, consuming their products, voting certain parties or donating to a NCO, they are reflecting their views of the surrounding culture at the same time, and are taking part of something that they believe in.

In order for organisations to make an impact, they can´t be bland, mute, or abstract anymore. They are active participants of the society by their products, services and values. We help organisations trace out the cultural disruptions to which they could be in constructive relation with, and build new innovative solutions for the underlying disruptions. Our team consists of humane professionals extending to fields of applied arts, futures studies, design and marketing.

Do you know what values your company promotes and champions in the real world outside boardroom presentation decks? What are the current disruptions in your target audiences life? How does your company relate to these new opportunities?

Here’s how we can help you:

  • Know the current orthodoxy of your playing field. Do you know what that playing field is, and what rules are being used?
  • Get intimate with your audience, and find out what emerging disruptions are bubbling under
  • Connect the dots on how the emerging disruptions link with business, and unearth your innovation potential
  • Win your audience over by championing the possibilities of cultural disruption

Futures Thinking

Staying relevant

Cultural innovation theory naturally concentrates on cultural disruptions and emergent issues in cultural scenes. It provides an opportunity to look deeper in to occurring changes on the social level and help companies to study their future from multiple perspectives.

Change occurs with an increasingly rapid pace. Futures thinking and foresight enables companies to study trends, weak signals and mega trends affecting their business in the long term. Acquiring knowledge on long term changes help companies to act faster, stay resilient, and gain that competitive edge. Being conscious on possible and probable futures bring companies closer to the present moment by allowing them to make better decisions today.

Future is created by everyday actions, and we can help you to:

  • Study trends, weak signals and mega trends
  • Analyze key elements affecting the specific situation at hand
  • Create futures scenarios
  • Learn futures thinking as a key capability

About the Arts

In order to find novel ideas and new insights, new ways of working and producing knowledge are required.

What are the usual ways of working? Most answers refer to common office activities, such as meetings, talking, texting, and sending emails. These methods already narrow down the possibilities for something new and inventive.

We use art based methods to come up with new and unexpected views and ideas.

Who are we?

We come from a variety of backgrounds. Arts, Design, Marketing, and Future Research. Our different backgrounds give us a broad perspective on the matter in hand.

If you are interested in cultural innovation, get in touch! We are always looking for a chance to collaborate.

Topi Särkiniemi

As a craft beer enthusiast, I see cultural innovation in every pint. The evolution of the malt drink from bulk lagers to refined high-end specialities has been thrilling, and I’ve enjoyed every drop.

Jesse Parviainen

How people react to different ideas and cultural expressions has always fascinated me, and how deep connections seemingly mundane details can create. For me, the cultural innovation is the study of seemingly everyday phenomena, and making something awesome out of it.

Tero Hytönen

Understanding cultural disruptions is essential when starting to create any new artworks. The work should be rooted, critical, and valid in relation to its own cultural context. I think this kind of thinking should be the starting point with any creation, including business, and innovation.

Antti Uimonen

I enjoy studying the current cultural situation and it's history. It enables us to open our minds to possible futures. In this rabidly changing world futures thinking is essential in order to hold a broad understanding of futures development. We are living in a time where all actions have consequences. Why not make them as conscious as possible?

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